Contributor: @gagi001

On a hot summer night in Newark, NJPACs Sounds of the City brought the
hiphop that I grew up on to the downtown area. With people packed from the
entrance of the building, where the stage was located to the sidewalk area,
I was determined to make my way as close as possible to that stage and not
miss witnessing the energy that I know Kane delivers.

BDK went through his classic material while moving the crowd and rocking
over a live band. Just when we thought he was ending the show, he brought
out his dancers, Scoob and Scrap Lover and all three got busy on the stage.
A Jersey surprise appearance was from East Orange’s craziest, Treach. He
came out to OPP and the females got extra excited once that wife beater
came off. Tony Touch (Toca Tuesdays/Shade 45) got on at 8 o’clock and
started with a house set which is a must for Jersey especially the Brick
City fam. It was a night with good music, good people and good fun.

This mid-week FREE outside party for all ages to enjoy was a treat. Come
through on August 16th to see the god, Rakim and DJ Spinna.


Big Daddy Kane