The night finally arrived that area hiphop heads were waiting for, seeing
the legend Rakim Allah at NJ PAC’s Sounds of the City free event in Newark,
NJ. Knowing how the crowd was for the Big Daddy Kane show a few weeks ago,
I knew I had to get down to the PAC earlier. Did that happen? Kind of, sort
of. Running home from work to pick up my son, bring him to martial arts and
then head back downtown didn’t have me there as early as I wanted to be but
I made it. By the time I got there, the crowd was thick and it was
unwalkable (not that I expected anything less). People of all generations
were in the crowd, some equipped with their lawn chairs knowing it was
going to be a long enjoyable night of pure hip hop.

   Rakim hit the stage, not needing any introduction, at about 6:30 p.m. and
got right into it with My Melody. Jersey proved that they always had Rah’s
back, when I Ain't No Joke came on and the crowd basically took over and
delivered the lyrics to him. Throughout his performance, the crowd roared
out the songs they wanted him to perform, I don’t think he missed any. His
son was at the show and he brought him on stage for the formal
introduction. Lord Jamar, Awesome Two and Hakim Green of Channel Live also
were at the show. Rakim was definitely a pleaser with his set being over an
hour. It was a golden era night that will always be remembered. 

Editorial and Photos by: Gagi