Written By: Gagi    Photos By: Krazy Azz

Rock Steady's 33rd Anniversary in Newark NJ.

The rain didn't stop the Hip Hop heads from celebrating with Rock Steady.  It never really does.  We were blessed with many goodies throughout the day.

The EOW crew held it down as the hosts of the show. NJ's own Max Jerome opened, followed by Sucio Smash, JS1 and Eclipse before the MC's hit the stage.

Eternia rocking a "My Favorite Rapper Wears A Skirt" shirt caught us all by surprise when she jumped over the gate in her skirt and was in the middle of the crowd spitting.  Redbuttafly based out of NJ showcased their 2011 line where punk rock meets hip hop fashion.
Pack FM held down his energized set and ran up in the crowd with Mecca to perform "Stomp".  He also brought out Pace won of the Outsidaz to do "Rah Rah".
Attention sneaker heads, Mickey Factz had on some fresh kicks. (Let me know what they were)
Doitall from Lords of the Underground called for us to "Surrender" to peace and stop the violence.  Some of the joints he did were "Here come the lords" and "Chief Rocka".
Big Daddy Kane rocked a straight through set of the classics with the crowd rhyming word for word right along with him.  A battle between Kane's dancers Scoop and Scrap Lover with the Rock Steady Crew was something that won't be forgotten.
DJ Scratch was straight violating the turntables and had us all put one finger in the air for (RIP) Guru.
EPMD's set included "Crossover", "So Whatcha Saying", and "Just Like Music".
Immortal Technique's revolutionary lyrics were heard throughout the park and he also did one of my faves with Poison Pen, "Peruvian Coke".
D-Stroy brought out the Rock Steady Crew to do what they do best, ROCK!  Be sure to catch Lunch Breaks with D-Stroy and Crazy Legs during week from 2-4pm , www.crazylegsworkshop.com
This was the perfect intro for the next artists, "That's Them" those Brick City kids, The Artifacts with DJ Kaos.  Some of my favorites that they did were "Wrong Side of the Tracks" and "Where Ya Skills At".  They let it be known that they reunited and are working on an upcoming album.
Special surprise guest that I found out the night before, GOTTA LOVE TWITTER, was Joell Ortiz with "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" and "Call Me".
Next up was Pharaoeh Monch doing "Get The Fuck Up".
Dres from Black Sheep brought out Psycho Les from Beatnuts fame.
Another surprise guest was Canibus doing his classic "Second Round KO", during his set Greg Nice ran out on stage for "Dwyck" and then beatboxed Audio 2's "Top Billing" while the crowd rhymed all the lyrics.
The last special guest to hit the stage was NORE of CNN with "What What" and "Nothing".
Kurtis Blow has been doing this for 38 years and still rocks the crowd.  To close the show he showed off his B-Boy skills with the Rock Steady Crew.  Many of you can't keep up or rock the way he does.  This was a definitely a show you shouldn't have missed, there was no reason to.

Others to hit the stage were Lakim Shabazz, DJ Tony Touch, DJ Evil Dee, Rakka from Dilated Peoples, Bishop Lamont, Mickey Factz, and Homeboy Sandman.

Crazy Legs presented his staff Lea, Alex, and Sab with awards.  They hold down all the back-end work that makes the Rock Steady Anniversary come together.
Mayor Cory Booker, Councilman Ras Baraka, and Lincoln Park's Music Festival Executive Director Anthony Smith all were in attendance and had hit the stage.

See you next year for Rock Steady's 34th anniversary and Lincoln Park's 6th Annual Music Festival.