The last Sunday of July marks the annual celebration of the world known legendary Rock Steady Crew. We were in attendance of Rock Steady Crew's 34th year anniversary which now is part of Newark's Lincoln Park Music Festival in the downtown Newark area. 

There were a slew of artists who came through to rock the stage: Keith Murray, Large Pro, Evil Dee, QuestLove, Artifacts, Craig G, Masta Ace, Wise Intelligent, Hakim Green, Rahzel & DJ JS-1, Kurious & DJ PuertoRoc, Jean Grae & Mr. Len, Pharoahe Monch, Q-Unique, Slaine, Rah Digga, Cold Crush Brothers, Grand Daddy IU, Ras Kas, Pack FM, PaceWon & Mr Green, Natural Elements, Dysfunkshunal Familee, Deniro & Gov Mattic, Purple Haze & DJ Max Jerome, and many more. The fully energized hosts Dstroy and EOW were going full throttle with the crowd for the all day extravaganza. 

With a line up like that, nothing else really needs to be said. Unfortunately, with some of my own technical difficulties, I missed a few performances but I will share with you some of the highlights of the day that we got to witness. The surprise of Masta Ace coming out with Craig G to rock their Symphony verses, Jean Grae performing from Cookies or Comas’ new release and then bringing Pharoahe Monch out and driving the crowd insane with Simon Says, Rah Digga devouring Black Rob’s Whoa instrumental, and the Artifacts going from their classics to their new material and also bringing out Young Guru out on stage. 

Division East, a Montclair skate shop, had the block locked down for the skaters regardless if it was your first time on a board or if you normally never leave home without it. They were stocked with boards and gear so no one was turned away.

It's an annual peaceful celebration of the hip hop culture, representing the elements. All ages and generations come out to join in the all-day event. Mayor Cory Booker and South Ward Councilman Mr. Ras Baraka were in attendance to show their support. While walking through the crowd it feels like a family reunion. Many artists are in the crowd and there's always a positive vibe and sharing of love of the culture. If you missed Rock Steady this year, mark your calendars now for next year to make sure you’re there. 

Photos and Written By: Gagi