Rock Steady's 35th Anniversary free outdoor concert, hosted by Lincoln Park's 7th Annual Music Festival in Newark NJ should never be missed. If you did happen to miss it or left early, I know you were spazzing when you heard that Brick City's own Redman blessed the stage as a surprise guest Sunday night. We all have been waiting for Red to rock in his own backyard of the Bricks. As he took the stage to the classic Time 4 Some Aksion the crowd went ballistic and the energy didn't slow down for a moment. With Method Man not there the crowd spit Meth's verse to Da Rocwilder. To show their continued love, the crowd stuck their middle fingers up and chanted "Fuck you Redman". Mr Cheeks followed up after Redman and was able to get a few joints in before the show got shut down for exceeding the permit time.

 As Rock Steady does, there were a slew of artists and some surprise guests on the lineup: Redman, Craig G, The Beatnuts with Triple Seis, Mr Cheeks (Lost Boys), Dj Evil Dee, Dres (Black Sheep), Jarobi (Tribe Called Quest), DJ DP One, Consequence, DJ JS_1, Hakim Green (Channel Live), Rasheed Chappell, Pack FM with Mr Mecca and GMS, Hasaan Salaam, DJ AJ Scratch, Torae, Jojo Pellegrino, MC Nitty Scott, Blacastan, DJ Max Jerome, Maffew Ragazino and more with energized hosts EOW (End of the Weak).

 The day was filled with the elements of the culture being represented by the MC's, DJ's, B-Boys, B-Girls, Graffiti artists. A few highlights include Craig G moving into the crowd to freestyle and of course pleasing us with his Symphony verse. Rock Steady owning the stage, Evil Dee's set, Pack FM and Mr. Mecca kid and playing it on stageand Redman's presence. (Oh yea we covered that already)

 D-stroy was promoting his film "The Funny Thing about Making Sex" that is on kickstarter and NEEDS backers. This is an opportunity to be part of something great! Check out the kickstarter page as there are only a few days left to back it. They must reach their targerted goal to keep any of the pledges. Help make this film happen!! PS Did I mention that you get reward goodies in return as being a backer?

 The vendors were out in full force and Def Rugs, the official Hip Hop custom hand made rug designers had the prime spot with the merchandise. They also had rugs hung up and available for the grafffiti artists to get up and flex their skills.

 I've been attending the anniversaries since they were in the Bronx. It's always an enjoyable feeling to celebrate with an iconic crew. Rock Steady and our culture with all good vibes and positive energy. 

Happy Anniversary and Thank You Rock Steady Crew!!!!